Data and Privacy Policy

Your data and privacy is important to us, so we will keep it simple.

Your Data

This page is to inform you that we use Google Analytics to keep track of how our website is doing. We don’t see your personal details, just generic details like which pages were viewed the most and the country you live in. We may also check the city. (It matters to us that as many people worldwide can benefit from these alternative ways to fix bad skin.) We have no need of any of your personal details like your name, address, telephone number or email address. So, we won’t ask you for them.


We assume that if you are using this website, you are OK with cookies. Please check into how cookies work for your own peace of mind. Remember, you can choose to delete your cookies if you so wish.

Your Privacy

If you email us, we assume that you won’t mind if we reply to your email. Just let us know if you have any problems with this and we won’t email again. Your data and privacy is important to us.

Please be aware that we intend to keep your emails as we value your opinions. They give us insight into how to best help our visitors. We can then tailor our website content to be of the most benefit to you. Your data and privacy matters to us.

We respect you, your data and privacy and would never pass your name, address, phone number (if you have given it to us), email address or emails on to a third party. Please contact us immediately if you have any problems with our website. Our hope is that you will find the content extremely useful. It was our intention to share our research with you.