Fix Skin Infections

Fix Skin Infections – 2

Fix skin 2 helps you fix skin infections like Shingles, Sebaceous Cysts and Styes. Learn how to deal with these infections at home. The methods found here are a way of dealing with these infections at home. A strong immune system is important. The ozone generator can be used to fix skin infections on limbs. Make a chilled ozonated olive oil salve to dab on the skin. It can ease itching and kill viral infections. It can also ease sensitive skin. The Zapper is also a simple way to fix skin infections or colon infections such as eColi. It can also relieve pain. That said, the Frequency Generator is more precise as it can kill pathogens selectively.

Fix Skin 2 – Shingles
Likely CauseTreatment Options
Varicella-zoster virus
Find the frequency of the virus
Scan your body with frequency generator.
Kill the virus with the generator or a zapper.
Viruses can be deactivated with Ozonated olive oil/frankincense oil/Colloidal silver.
Raise your immune system.
Take Liposomal Vitamin C, zinc and Selenium.
Take digestive enzymes while healing.
Sebaceous Cysts
Likely CauseTreatment Options
Skin damage
Cysts that won’t disappear on their own are often infected.
Use a frequency generator to find the cyst and remove both the cyst and its infections.
Use a zapper to kill infections.
The Miramate flash can help remove infections on the skin.
Take digestive enzymes following infections.
Likely CauseTreatment Options
Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteria infection of an oil gland in the eyelid
Vitamin E deficiency
Take Vitamin E daily.
Increase antioxidants.
Increase vitamins and minerals.
Use colloidal silver for infections ( internally topically or in eyes).
Find the frequency of the bacteria by scanning your body with a frequency generator and klling the pathogens found.
Staphs are usually mouth bacteria. Improve oral hygiene.
Take digestive enzymes following infections.
Fix Skin Infections Easily

Electronic methods should work for most infections (given sufficient time). Some pathogens are killed more quickly and permanently than others. To fix skin infections easily your immune system needs extra nutrients. When you use both supplements and a eat a nutritious diet, you will improve your chances of success. Often, there is more than one safe way to cure infections at home. Pinning down the cause is the key to resolving skin issues. Also, having more than one way to tackle infections is extremely useful.

Every pathogen has a frequency as studious researches have found. They now know the frequencies of hundreds of pathogens. Gladly, they have shared their research. Additionally, the free software for the frequency generator lists pathogen’s frequencies. So, you have the option to run a ready made program. Just look for your skin condition, load it then attach the tens pads and start. If you don’t have the time to scan then a zapper will kill the bugs in your body by boosting your immune system. Before zapping, drink a glass of water. Then do the same after zapping. Always take pro-biotics after zapping to put back the good bacteria. The antibacterial and antiviral effects of low sugar berries and fresh organic herbs are immune boosting.