Help for Skin

Help for Skin – 4

Help for skin is possible when you research causes. Heal from Impetigo, Athletes foot, Candida and Warts. Learn how to heal skin conditions. This self-help guide can help you repair skin conditions in natural, alternative and safe ways. So, try something new if your healing method has been failing. Time to think outside the box.

Fix Skin 4 – Impetigo
Likely CauseTreatment Options
Streptococcus pyogenes,
Staphylococcus aureus
Insect bites
Frequency Generator
Miramate Flash
Colloidal silver
Athletes Foot
Likely CauseTreatment Options
Fungal InfectionFootbath with an ozone generator running to kill infection.
Frequency Generator
Miramate Flash
Likely CauseTreatment Options
A Yeast speciesAvoid sugar and refined carbohydrates. Sugar makes yeast grow.
Increase Liposomal Vitamin C
Take Colloidal Silver
Use a zapper and/or frequency generator
Drink a glass of ozonated water each day
Avoid bread yeast
Sourdough bread is a better option
Likely CauseTreatment Options
Pathogens: Likely more than one kind, especially viruses
Low Immune System
Zapper and Frequency Generator
Miramate Flash
Liposomal Vitamin C, A, D3 and Antioxidants
All Vitamins & Minerals
Glutathione can assist your liver in removing toxins
Avoid sugar
Check acid/alkaline balance
Check vitamin C levels
Take Frankincense oil for viruses
Essiac taken internally can help shrink growths, lumps and bumps beneath the skin and on the skin
Digestive Enzymes (Be careful with enzymes if you are on blood thinners.)
Help for Skin Conditions through Diet

Diet can play a big part in resolving these health conditions. Drinking chlorine free water could also play its part. It makes sense to eat organic and especially more green vegetables and low sugar berries like blueberries and raspberries to improve the nutrient content of your food.


Help for skin conditions means killing pathogens too. When you are dealing with live pathogens such as viruses or yeast try to work out where they are coming from. Parasites contain bacteria. Bacteria contains viruses and viruses are often linked to fungus. So, you will need to clean up the whole chain of pathogens for your skin condition to be resolved.

Using a Frequency Generator

A zapper or frequency generator can do this. The good thing about the frequency generator is that you can scan your body to find the pathogen then remove what yo find. Scan again afterwards to check that it has now gone. Help for skin conditions can move away from drugs using these methods.