How to Repair your Skin

How to Repair your Skin – 3

Wondering how to repair your skin? Learn how to repair your skin and begin to heal from Hives, Rosacea, Herpes and Lichen. Find natural solutions and self-help tips here. Sensitive skin is often a tell tale sign that something is happening internally. Raise the nutrient content of your diet and resolve allergies to prevent skin that seems to react to everything. When learning how to repair your skin, pay attention to how much water you drink on a day to day basis. Keep a diary of flare ups and likely causes. Try something new to repair your skin if your usual methods have been failing. It is possible to learn how to repair your skin by using natural herbal methods that won’t cause further problems. Consider what is happening inside your body. It’s time to think about what is happening inside your body rather than outside.

Fix Skin 3 – Hives
Likely CauseTreatment Options
Allergic reaction
Improve liver health. Take liver support supplements like milk thistle, n-acetyl cysteine or glutathione.
Organic apple juice (diluted) can help remove the cause of an allergy more quickly
Drink lots of pure water
Use a zapper and/or frequency generator
Likely CauseTreatment Options
Blood vessel issues
Demodex Folliculorum mites
Avoid what you know you have an allergy to.
Take digestive enzymes to aid in cleaning up your blood vessels. (Be careful with enzymes if you are on blood thinners.) De-stress. Drink calming teas like chamomile.
Increase magnesium intake.
Use a frequency generator to attempt to discover if there is a hidden cause.
Use a zapper to kill possible pathogens
Likely CauseTreatment Options
Herpes Simplex Virus
Take a herbal parasite cleanse
Use a zapper to kill the infections
Frankincense oil and ozonated olive oil can kill viruses
Find the parasites or virus with a frequency generator
Remove them by zapping their frequency
Likely CauseTreatment Options
Immune system low
Body too acid
Lyme Disease
Skin Damage
Frequency Generator
Dab with Ozonated olive oil
Take Frankincense oil
Avoid sugar
Try the Miramate Flash
Using a Zapper

Many health conditions benefit from zapping. It is a small electronic gadget powered by a 9 volt battery. You won’t feel the current. It uses vibrational frequencies to disable pathogens. (Similar to how an opera singer can shatter a glass.) It attaches to your skin with tens pads. Run it for one hour and fifteen minutes. Drink water before and after zapping. It works better when you are hydrated. It’s best to use rechargeable batteries as the battery needs to be at least 9 volts. That gives you about 2 hours of zapping for a full charged battery.