Repair Bad Skin

Repair Bad Skin Guide

To repair bad skin look for the root cause. Take positive steps to search for and eliminate harmful causes to allow your skin to heal. Alternative, natural solutions can often fix the symptoms without chemicals or drugs. Whether you are a man, woman or teenager, learn how to calm itching, sore, red, dry skin, pain and infections. Heal and repair spots, breakouts and other skin issues in order to repair bad skin.

Help to Repair Bad Skin

Don’t give up if your doctor has been unable to help. When you see a herbalist, Naturopath or Homeopath you will often get help to repair bad skin from a different perspective. Simple solutions can often help to repair bad skin. Traditional methods using plants were often highly effective for our grandparents. Outside my home, dock leaves grew between stinging nettles. If we were stung, we picked a dock leaf rubbed it on and the stinging stopped. It worked. Aloe Vera also has healing properties.

Additionally, by using new, cutting edge but affordable, innovative methods to repair bad skin you can repair skin damage more quickly and have a natural, healthy glow. It’s important to heal from the inside out.

The brand new Miramate Flash VUV light kills pathogens which are on or under the skin. If your skin has an infection this could help tremendously. Other electronic gadgets like a zapper or frequency generator can also get the job done. An ozone generator is a helpful addition to your home first aid kit. An ozonated olive oil salve (refrigerated) can be soothing and anti-viral. Learn how to use skin care gadgets effectively.

Learn too how Covid-19 is causing skin issues in some sufferers.

Tips to Prevent and Fix Bad Skin

Resolve Infections
Raise your Immune System (See diet and supplements below)
A Zapper or Frequency generator (Finds and disables pathogens)
Miramate Flash for killing skin pathogens (VUV light)
Ozonated water for oxygen healing on limbs
Ozonated olive oil (calms itching) Moisturises and kills viruses. Can be home made more cheaply than buying it online.
Chamomile, Aloe or Valerian can be calming
Frankincense oil for viruses
Colloidal silver for bacteria
Increase stomach acid if needed (lemon juice drink with meals)
Improve your Diet
Eat bio yogurt, sauerkraut juice or pro-biotics for a healthy gut.
Increase polyphenols such as in green tea and dark berries
Avoid sugar, processed foods and junk foods
Go Organic if possible.
Eat more organic green vegetables
Avoid GMO and pesticides
Drink more water (the chlorine free kind)
Moisturise with extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil
Resolve Deficiencies
Increase antioxidants such as Vitamin A, E, D3, Selenium, Zinc, Liposomal Vitamin C (improves immunity and is a precursor to collagen needed in skin repair.) Collagen contains amino acids. (Choose supplements created to be as chemical free as possible.)
Take digestive enzymes, multivitamins and minerals
Homeopathic Arnica has a healing effect.
Fix Allergies
Avoid foods you have an allergy to. Use an elimination diet or testing to discover what the allergies are (may be food or chemical).
Use a chlorine filter on your shower.
improve the health of your liver and gut
Talk to your doctor about allergies to drugs
Diluted organic apple juice can help move a substance you have an allergy to through your body more quickly
Clear Toxins
Avoid chemicals in food and body products (including make-up, shampoo, hair dye and cleaning products)
Give your skin a break from make-up
Take L-Glutathione, Milk thistle or Alpha Lipoic Acid to help your liver remove toxins.
Drink more water.
Avoid storing food in plastic due to it’s ability to disrupt hormones
Fix Hormone Issues
Correct blood chemistry and hormone level imbalances. Learn how to nourish your thyroid. Boost your immune system. Take hot showers and/or Epsom salt baths to remove toxins through the skin. Replace bedding regularly and tackle infections quickly.
Keep your skin clean (without chemicals). Avoid junk food.
Heal Anxiety and Stress
Spend time looking at what you CAN resolve now, what you need help with or what only time can heal. Write down your thoughts and allow yourself time off your worries. Practice, practice, practice switching to positive thoughts when it’s all getting too much.
Get Sufficient Sleep
Avoid mental stimulation in the couple of hours before bed. Don’t keep your phone in your bedroom. Make your bedroom a place that you find relaxing. Learn to switch off from the day’s worries. Ornithine, magnesium and calcium can help you relax at bedtime
Exercise More
Lymph glands don’t contain muscle. They are your bodies filters. Heat and massage may also help. Move more to increase blood flow and toxin removal. Begin an exercise routine. Use ozone generated water to oxygenate skin damage and infections on arms and legs. Oxygen improves healing.

Better Skin Naturally

  • Resolve infections and avoid toxins.
  • As you correct your diet and avoid junk and processed food you will feel the difference. If you eat organic food wherever possible, eat more green vegetables and drink extra water you will find your energy increases.
  • Dispose of make up that is past its use by date. Sterilise your current make up. (Drop it in a plastic bag and put the bag in an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner that has been filled with water.)
  • Avoid toxins such as chemicals in food, body products and cleaning products. (If you don’t know what it is and what it does, why are you putting it on your skin in your food and touching it?)
  • Take supplements to give your immune system a boost. When your body has the right resources, it will repair bad skin naturally. So, increase antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, Omega 3’s and amino acids. (Collagen capsules contain aminos.)
  • Cleanse both externally and internally.
  • Take Digestive enzymes to reduce scarring (There are many brands but these are the most effective I have tried.) However, be careful with enzymes if you are on blood thinners. Ask your doctor if unsure.
  • Now be patient as you watch your immune system do its job.

Boost your Immune System to Repair Bad Skin

Boost your immune system to repair bad skin naturally. Therefore, stay balanced and begin to take action. Next, watch, wait and monitor results.

Natural,alternative methods are perfect for healing from the following:

  • Rashes
  • Itching
  • Soreness
  • Pimples and spots
  • Blackheads or whiteheads
  • Fungal infections
  • Outbreaks and blocked pores on your face, hands and skin
  • Warts, growths, lumps and bumps

The methods found in this alternative guide to skin treatments are also effective for the more difficult to deal with skin conditions. Infections are often the most problematic causes. So, use the electronic gadgets to repair bad skin. However, boost your immune system and remember the following:

Vitamin C makes collagen – Collagen contains amino acids – Both are needed to repair skin. Also, protein is essential in the body to repair damage. Whilst electronic gadgets can kill the invaders in our skin, helpful digestive enzymes can get to work to re-balance the immune response.

Damage causes inflammation, inflammation triggers fibrin production to fix the damage as too much fibrin is not good. Digestive enzymes can repair the damage and the overproduction of fibrin so that inflammation goes down.

Share How to Repair Bad Skin

When you repair bad skin with your new know-how, you will then be able to help your family and friends. As you fix the cause of bad skin, balance is restored. So, skin becomes hydrated and not overly dry or oily. Surprisingly, even age related skin problems can improve. Thankfully, healthy skin is possible by learning what caused the problem in the first place and doing something about it.