Repair Skin Conditions

How to Repair Skin Conditions – 1

Repair skin conditions naturally. Heal and clear Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Burns and try natural Skin Cancer soothers. See your options to fix bad skin conditions now. This is a self-help guide to repairing your skin conditions in natural, alternative and safe ways. Try something new if your healing method has been failing. Time to think outside the box and get back to nature. Take care of the WHOLE of you, diet and brain too and you will be able to repair bad skin conditions. Look at how Covid-19 has been affecting the skin of some sufferers.

Repair Skin Conditions – Care for your Mind too

Not being able to repair skin conditions that are debilitating, can have a severe effect on mental health. Psychological effects of unhealthy skin means that you will need to care for your mind too. First, realise that there is something you can do to fix bad skin. Our skin takes around five weeks to replace itself so patience is necessary.

Secondly, when nerves are affected, whatever the cause, your immune system will become lower. B-Complex becomes an essential part of your recovery. It can help calm your nerves. Ashwagandha has been known to help calm anxiety and nerves by re-balancing brain chemicals. If the chemical signals and neurotransmitters are working well, your immune system will be able to ‘see’ when parts of your body need extra help.

You will need the power of antioxidants too. Vitamin C improves an impaired immune system. Magnesium has a calming, relaxing effect as does calcium. Dairy, carrot juice and tahini all contain calcium. (Take calcium in food form.) Vitamin D improves skin, mood and tiredness.

Lastly, improve your gut health with pro-biotics in the form of bio-yoghurt, sauerkraut or kefir. There is a B-Complex that contains pro-biotics too. When you take care of your mental health your mood will improve, nerves will calm and become re-balanced. You will then have the best possible chance of recovery. So, when you work on repairing the following, sometimes severe skin conditions, take care of your mind too. To learn how to get rid of acne, see below.


Likely CauseOptions
Blocked Pores
Oily skin
Infections: Bacteria
(Oral hygiene is important)
Gut issues
Allergies. Eg. Dairy
Deficiency of antioxidants such as Vitamin C
Take supplements that repair skin. Minerals and vitamins are important such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, magnesium, Selenium, D3 and B complex
Kill bacteria electronically with a zapper or frequency generator
Avoid extra hormones such as in soy products (alternative)
Be aware that seeds like flax seeds contain oestrogen. Don’t overeat seeds. Use only organic dairy (to avoid hormones and antibiotics)
Facial sauna to open the pores
Keep skin, pillow cases and towels clean
Drink more pure water
Take probiotics. Eat fermented foods like yogurt or sauerkraut
Avoid junk food
Eat a healthy diet
Try to avoid constantly touching your face
Have vitamin D levels checked.
Natural Remedies

Psoriasis and Eczema

Likely CauseOptions
Low immunity
Ascaris parasite
Chlorine in tap water (irritant)
Take Turmeric, Omega 3 and enzymes to calm inflammation
Try Epsom salts or Sea salt baths. Ozonate the bathwater to remove toxins before bathing.
Use both electronic gadgets that kill pathogens and a herbal parasite cleanse (Hulda Clark PP)
Avoid refined foods.
Ozonated olive oil can soothe itching. (Ozonate extra virgin organic olive oil for 30-40 minutes. Chill in the fridge or freeze.)
Honey is a healing substance
Eat an organic diet with more green vegetables and chlorella to aid in toxin removal
Use a shower filter and drink chlorine free water
Wash new clothes before wearing to remove chemicals.

Skin Cancer

Likely CauseOptions
Toxins: Chemicals and or metals
Low immune System

Poor diet. Too much sugar and refined carbohydrates can cause extreme deficiencies in essential nutrients and leads to immunity issues.

Stress or Trauma
Curaderm BEC5 (Study ) (Made from compounds found in Eggplants/Aubergines)
DIGESTIVE ENZYMES (Be careful with enzymes if you are on blood thinners) These are very effective at lowering inflammation
Check Vitamin C levels.
Take Liposomal Vitamin C
Use a frequency generator to find pathogens and disable them
Take frankincense oil or Myrrh oil for viruses.
Increase nutrients with Vitamins and Minerals
Blackseed oil (Strong antioxidant)
Try the Miramate Flash VUV light
Use a zapper to boost immune system. Try it for 24 hours straight.
Analyse blood test results – Look for causes that are fixable. If ferritin levels are high use a SAD Lamp to make iron usable.
Check Vitamin C levels. Take Liposomal Vitamin C
Ensure that everything you eat is nutritious.
Take extra Vitamin E, Zinc, Quercitin, Selenium, D3 and B complex
Avoid junk food and refined carbohydrates.
Eat more green vegetables Eg: Organic Broccoli and Kale
Improve liver health
Help you liver remove toxins with L-Gluathione or Milk Thistle
Avoid sugar (feeds cancer and Candida)
Essiac (Caisse formula) can help shrink growths, lumps and bumps that are under or on your skin
Choose to drink pure water
Switch to natural alternatives to beauty products and soap. Switch to safer deodorant and organic make-up. Also use a safer shampoo and toothpaste with less harmful chemicals. Neal’s Yard also do a range of organic make up.

Learn more about skin cancer and its causes. Some of the above methods to repair skin conditions may seem unusual but they can make a difference; as can Enzymes. Curaderm BEC5 has been accepted as being effective. In summary, avoiding chemicals, upgrading your diet to include lots of healthy organic green vegetables and killing pathogens so that your blood is cleaner are the most helpful options. Eg. EColi is killed with Lugol’s iodine (6 drops) diluted in water. EColi carries the SV40 virus which can be a problem in cancer

Repair Skin Conditions – Burns

For serious burns you will have seen a skin specialist. How quickly you heal from burns depends on the severity of the burn. If your skin doesn’t seem to be healing, you will need to raise your immune system, lower inflammation and provide your body with the right nutrients to facilitate the healing process. Prevent bacteria entering the wound using the ozone methods below to repair skin conditions. Additionally, kill opportunistic infections with a Hulda Clark Zapper or a frequency generator. Learn how high doses of Vitamin C has demonstrated effectiveness in Sepsis following burns. Liposomal Vitamin C is absorbed more easily by the body. Homeopathic Arnica taken by mouth can also promote healing. Speak to a homeopath about the best strength for your condition.

Oxygen to Help Repair Skin Conditions

Your skin will benefit from more oxygen. Oxygen assists the healing process. If it is a limb, this can be achieved by placing the hand or foot in a bowl of water or footbath with an ozone generator stone dropped in. Start the ozonator. As the ozone returns to oxygen, it oxygenates the skin allowing pathogens to die and toxins to be removed. It has the ability to repair skin conditions especially burns. Keep your hand in the ozonating water until the burning sensation stops. It is likely that you won’t develop a scar. Take extra Vitamin E several hours after using an ozone generator. Take digestive enzymes to help fade scars. Wear cotton clothes against the skin to let your skin breathe. Learn about the nutrients needed to repair skin conditions.