Skin Care Gadgets – Repair Skin Effectively

Repair Health and Skin Effectively

Skin care gadgets can repair skin effectively. If you have skin that needs repairing, learn more about skin care gadgets here and what they do. When you heal from the inside your skin health improves. First, do no harm. Fix the cause without causing further damage. Pure water is a good place to start when we need to re-hydrate our skin.

Zapper and Accessories

Buying Hulda Clark’s ‘The Cure for all Diseases’ over twenty years ago, sent me down the road of DIY health care. The benefits of health gadgets followed. If I can’t fix something, I see a doctor for an expert opinion. Following tests and/or a diagnosis, I then go home to look it up in my Frequency Generator software and treat it that way. This method usually works for me. My gadgets treat health conditions and are skin care gadgets too.

My Top 7 Health Care Gadgets

I have attempted to repair skin and health issues on my own and found taking control, empowering. Realising that you can make a difference to your health is enlightening. The top 7 skin care and overall health gadgets that I personally use are the following. They kill infections which in turn promotes healing:

  1. Frequency Generator (Spooky 2)
  2. Hulda Clark Zapper
  3. Spooky Cold Laser (light therapy)
  4. Ozone Generator
  5. Colloidal Silver Maker
  6. Miramate Flash
  7. Jewellery Cleaner

I also use the supplements suggested on this website.

How I use Health and Skin Care Gadgets


Over twenty years ago the zapper got rid of my migraines, IBS, Spondylitis, and Arthritis in my hands. It has eliminated the symptoms of food poisoning, warts, toothache and much more. I later came to view the zapper as a skin care gadget as it cleared infections in my skin. The zapper is at its most effective if the batteries are fully charged. (At least 9 volts.) You can usually zap for about 2 hours with a fully charged battery. Zap for one hour and fifteen minutes. I took it on a plane in my hand luggage without any customs issues. (London to Toronto)

How to Use the Zapper

Place a 9 volt battery in the Zapper. It should be 9 volts or over. After 2 hours use it tends to drop below 9 volts and is no longer as effective. Hence, rechargeable batteries are a good idea.

If the problem is on your neck or face, place a tens pad on each shoulder and zap for at least one hour fifteen minutes. Never place the zapper tens pads directly on your neck or face. Alternatively, place a tens pad on each wrist, you can then with a finger from each hand, place the finger either side of the issue on your face. (I have managed to get rid of toothache with this method.) Do this for no longer than three minutes at a small location. If you have an issue in another part of your body, place a tens pad either side of the issue such as pain and zap for at least one hour fifteen minutes. Pain is usually caused by bacteria. The zapper helps eliminate parasites, bacteria, viruses and moulds. However, it may take regular use to make a difference. (It took 6 months of regular use to rid me of migraines.) Remember to take Pro-biotics after zapping.

See page 77 of Hulda Clark’s Syncrometer laboratory manual. A zapper can help reduce the viral load.

Ozone Generator

The ozone generator has helped with mild headaches and nausea. It creates ozonated olive oil which has helped eliminate the effects of viruses in me. (Along with Frankincense oil.) Ozonated olive oil works to soothe itching and skin conditions. Ozonating water in a foot bath can rid you of foot infections. I discovered that if I place my hand in cold ozonated water immediately after a burn, no scar develops. It comes with two ozonating stones, one for water and the other for oil. Occasionally, I use it to neutralise odours in the house. It can also be used to sterilise fresh fruit and vegetables.

For infections in the lower legs, drop the ozone generator stone into a bucket of warm water and start the machine. It will bubble ozone into the water. As the ozone turns to oxygen it kills infections and detoxifies harmful substances. The extra oxygen has an amazing healing affect. Do this once a day until the issue has healed.

Colloidal Silver Maker

The colloidal silver maker has recently got rid of conjunctivitis in my eye. Just drop 2 silver rods into distilled water, run the maker for 30 minutes, then you are ready to go. It can disable viruses and makes a great mouthwash. (Your mouth feels squeaky clean. Teeth feel dry.) Spray it on moulds too and the mould goes away. Colloidal silver water can be taken to prevent viruses from taking hold. (It disables the chemical lung of the virus.) You can get the maker as an attachment to the frequency generator (Spooky2).

Frequency Generator (Spooky2)

The frequency generator lets me scan my body for infections and health conditions. It kills the infections and helps gently heal my health issues.

I recently had a flare up of severe joint pain. I then remembered that this used to be a constant feature of my health, especially at night. I took a large dose of Vitamin C, scanned and zapped and those old symptoms disappeared again within 24 hours. Relief from pain is a bonus. Spooky2 has a massive database of health conditions. The software is free. (The name is after a comment by Einstein on quantum entanglement, “Spooky action at a distance”. It definitely isn’t ‘spooky’. It is about real science and technology that can improve your health.

I have used it approximately every three days for several years to look for and heal from a serious auto immune disease (Yes, the big one.) (It highlighted the condition and caused me to go to the doctors to get an official diagnosis.) Take a look at the researchers guide to frequencies. It also found and resolved a sebaceous cyst. It’s great for tooth infections too. There is a Basic model frequency generator for the budget conscious and a more efficient, speedy model for those who wish to invest in a more precise model with additional features.

For those who are concerned about the Wuhan Corona virus, the frequency of this virus has been isolated and is now in the free Spooky2 software along with the most effective settings for attacking it. With one of the Frequency Generators sold by this company you can additionally, if infected with the COVID-19, take a fluid sample from your body and put it into the Sample Digitizer to scan for the exact frequency of the virus in you. You can then zap it.

The supplements I have referenced on this website are the ones that I have found personally to be the most effective. (I have actually noticed a difference.)

When I felt a cold virus coming on recently, I zapped for 5 hours, took five Liposomal Vitamin C, zinc, three drops of Frankincense oil (twice) and a dssertspoonful of ozonated olive oil. I probably over did it but by the end of the day the virus symptoms were gone and didn’t return.

How do Frequency Generators Work?

Rife frequency generators produce sound waves in different forms such as a sine wave or square wave. The sound produced can vibrate at different rates. Everything has a resonant frequency. Researchers have found the frequencies of hundreds of pathogens and listed their frequencies. Projecting an identical frequency back at a pathogen can damage it beyond repair. Your immune system then removes it. Sound frequencies are able to dissolve the protein coating that viruses use to cloak themselves from your immune system. (Just like an opera singer can smash a glass using their voice.) With the coating gone, your immune system has more chance at finding the pathogen and destroy it.

An easy to use Rife Frequency Generator is the Spooky2 Rife machine The Company has listed the DNA frequency of COVID-19 and hundreds of other pathogens in the free software. You will need a desktop or laptop computer to run the software. (The name of this machine was chosen due to a comment by Einstein relating to Quantum Entanglement. He called it Spooky because he knew it worked but didn’t understand how.) If you are able to, you would find it eminently helpful to add a Frequency Generator to your first aid kit for viruses.

Frequency Generator – Remote Use

The amazing thing about Spooky2 is that a DNA sample of a person (finger nail clipping) sealed in paper and placed in the remote, can send frequencies remotely to a person to detox or disable pathogens. The person doesn’t have to be attached to the machine. It is possible to run the frequencies on several people at the same time (if you have their DNA samples). The remote uses ‘Quantum Entanglement‘. It’s rather like how a radio can receive radio frequencies through the air, only this time the person is the receiver.

The frequency generator routes the frequencies through their DNA which is in the remote to wherever they are. (Yes, wherever they are. So technically, with a sample of DNA, you can send helpful frequencies remotely to the owner of the DNA. It’s worth a try.) Does it generically work on other health issues? It does. I use this remote gadget regularly. (Don’t knock the concept until you have tried it.) Does it work on the Coronavirus? No-one knows as it hasn’t been tested on this virus yet. A first aid kit for viruses that includes this becomes more than a luxury when you use it on a regular basis.

Jewellery Cleaner

The jewellery cleaner sterilises toothbrushes and can kill pathogens in food as it is ultrasonic. (You can treat your meat or veg before cooking it.) Sterilise make-up too. I have even used it to make Liposomal vitamin C (and clean jewellery). If you are concerned about bacteria in any skin care product give it an ultrasonic clean before use.

Miramate Flash

Miramate Flash removed a whitehead within 24 hours. It is also successful with Lichen Sclerosis and skin infections. Learn more about Miramate Flash. If you weren’t born with the skin condition, you have a chance of relieving the issue with Miramate Flash.

The Miramate flash can also be used on household mould. Watch the manufacturers video for details. A similar treatment using light is being used on Vitiligo. Might be worth trying this alternative.

Spooky Cold Laser

See the Spooky2 Generator website and software for an explanation of how it works.

My one is attached to the Spooky2 Frequency Generator and runs on a specific program. It shines a light up each nostril and cleans up your blood. (There are lots of blood vessels either side of the nose.) This in turn allows your white blood cells room to zoom around cleaning up infections. I run this once a day for the sake of my immune system. Clean blood means cleaner skin. Check this video for before and after pictures of how it affects your blood. My first intranasal light was a Vielight (before I bought my frequency generator). I gave it away to a family member who found it helped with blocked sinuses and migraines. The one attached to my frequency generator does the same job. (A word of caution though with this one. It can thin the blood, so if you are on aspirin tread carefully.)

Personally, I have had no side effects from any of the gadgets. (I take Vitamin E a few hours after drinking ozonated water as it can deplete vitamin E stores in your body.) I wouldn’t be without my gadgets.

Do research. Change what can be changed. If it can’t be changed, such as old age and you’ve given better skin and better health your best shot, accept yourself for who you are. Ask for and accept help when needed. Do your best to stay as healthy as possible. Find a reason to smile each day and leave the rest to God.


By April Phillips

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