My Coronavirus Experience

First Aid Kit for Viruses

My coronavirus experience has taught me that having an anti-virus pack in your first aid kit can aid recovery. What’s your plan for tackling Covid-19? Are you prepared in case the worst happens? Powerful viruses like Covid-19 and inflammation that won’t calm down can debilitate our health. Why not add a virus recovery pack to your first aid kit. It’s time to do some thinking. If infected, why not fight back against the Coronavirus rather than waiting to see what damage it will do. I had a plan and thankfully it worked.

In March 2020, my virus tackling kit really came in handy. Prior to the 18th March, I hadn’t left the house for 2 weeks. My husband and I went shopping on Wednesday 18th March. Unbeknown to me, my Coronavirus experience was about to begin. Soon after shopping, unusual, extreme bouts of tiredness set in. It didn’t feel like normal tiredness but I dismissed it in hopes that more sleep would alleviate the symptoms. Five days after my possible infection (Monday 23rd March), extreme symptoms suddenly emerged. In hindsight, it must have been a cytokine storm.

My Coronavirus Experience – Symptoms

I would like to share my Corona virus experience and what I did to alleviate most of the symptoms within 24 hours. It goes without saying if you have symptoms of Covid-19 follow your country’s guidelines on contacting your doctor or helpline. In the UK we are told to ring NHS 111. My knee-jerk reaction was to use everything in my first aid kit arsenal for viruses in hopes it would work. Success in resolving your own health issues breeds confidence. You learn to work with your body; using protocols that don’t have serious side effects and have a strong chance of helping. (Evidence based medicine.)

On the 23rd March 2020 I got a sudden sharp pain in my right ear and a piercing pain in what felt like a few spots on the right side of my throat (not the whole throat). There was stinging pain deep in my left sinus. I felt a numbing, heavy headache coming on. A sudden tickle in the throat caused a dry cough. Post nasal drip suddenly started profusely. It was as if a tap had turned on in my nose. Nausea and a dodgy stomach left me hot, shaky and disorientated. It felt very strange. It was like my legs could no longer keep me standing.

All of this happened in lightning fast succession within what seemed like a minute. I didn’t know what to deal with first. It was like a sudden severe allergic reaction. I was too sick to speak. It was scary. It felt serious.

Here’s what I did:

What I Did About the Coronavirus

I ozonated a glass of distilled water for 5 minutes, drank it immediately. (Known to disable viruses due to the oxygen content. See Hulda Clark’s Syncrometer Laboratory manual Experiment 75.) The relief was instant. The throat pain and cough immediately stopped. I could feel three distinct circular spots where the pain was (right side of my neck) evaporating (very strange). Thankfully, the ear pain had been temporary. I took 6 drops of Lugol’s iodine in water to disable bacteria or viruses in my stomach and release toxins from cells. Two doses of Frankincense oil (3 drops each) 10 minutes apart to deactivate viruses. (See experiment 91 in the Hulda Clark Syncrometer Laboratory Manual.)

After using a Hulda Clark zapper for 2 hours, 1 hour across my stomach (after which my bubbly stomach calmed down.) and 1 hour with the tens pads on my shoulders. The nausea, sinus and head pain (top front of head) stopped.(Zapping, is said to supercharge your immune system.) All of these methods had worked for me on viruses and food poisoning episodes before.

After zapping I took 3 Liposomal Vitamin C capsules and the Frankincense oil again. Before bed, I took 1/3 tsp of Bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water as I had heartburn. (When pathogens die acid increases.) All of the symptoms except the tiredness disappeared the same day and haven’t come back. Unusual tiredness symptoms were a few days before and a few days after (though lessened after). The Covid-19 symptoms disappeared. I had felt unusually weak (muscles) and sleepy. It had been as if my eyes were being forced to close.

Coronavirus Testing

Two Coronavirus tests are now available each week to everyone in the UK with or without symptoms. However, they weren’t at the time of this experience. Therefore, I was not clinically tested for the Coronavirus. However, I have had a method of testing for pathogens since 2015 so I used it. The Spooky2 Frequency Generator on scanning my body, showed Covid-19 in the strongest frequency found. (It probably wasn’t out of my system yet.) I zapped the frequencies found immediately. A couple of days later when I ran the Covid-19 Wuhan preset program, one of the frequencies caused extreme nausea again. I ran the Covid-19 frequency set and followed the same virus disabling routine again. It stopped the nausea. (Please note that there is nothing occult about this machine. The name ‘Spooky2’ is from a comment by Einstein about Quantum Entanglement. He knew it worked but didn’t know how, so he called it Spooky.)

In a scan a week later no Covid-19 frequencies appeared thankfully. I ran the Covid-19 Wuhan preset program again and this time NO nausea. So, it looks like it took a week to clear. (I trust this machine as it alerted me to HPV and cancer prior to Kings College hospital, London diagnosis in 2015.) For me, the worst of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 symptoms were gone within less than 24 hours of appearing.

Covid-19 Infection

Make of this what you will. I had never felt all of these symptoms at exactly the same moment before. I was just glad that these virus attacking methods made the symptoms disappear so quickly. Additionally, I believe it was in the air when I caught it as I wasn’t wearing a mask. I was at least 3 metres away from someone in a supermarket who was coughing continuously. (I left the area immediately and used anti-bac gel on my hands washing my hands on arriving home.) So the virus CAN linger in the air. I now know without a shadow of a doubt where I stand on the whole mask debate!

In the UK, antibody tests have become available to medical professionals but not yet at the request of the general public. Those who had the virus before testing became available are left in the dark as to whether they had Covid-19 or not. Scientists are assuming that many more people have had the virus in varying degrees of severity than have not been tested.

My Coronavirus Experience – Recovery

There was no need for additional medical help for me after infection, as it never escalated to breathing difficulties. As the symptoms were gone in a day, I didn’t report it. However, I isolated for two months after it was gone. (I’m not a risk taker and care about others.) Unusual, extreme tiredness preceded symptoms, so if you have been in contact with people outside your own household and you have this weird mind numbing tiredness symptom get tested if possible. The highest viral load is said to be 2 days before symptoms.

Covid-19 Symptom Relief in 24 hours
Covid-19 Anti Virus Kit
My Anti-virus First Aid Kit

For me, I had Coronavirus symptom relief in 24 hours. A combined approach at the onset of severe symptoms worked for me.

I feel sure that what I did had synergistic and powerful effects on my symptoms. This protocol caused no side-effects in me. Additionally, I have an Oxygen Concentrator in the house.(Bought when I had cancer.) If breathing difficulties had started, I would have used it. I also have a fingertip pulse oximeter. I tested my oxygen levels a few days after the severe symptoms appeared. My oxygen levels were normal.

Lessons Learned From Covid-19

I have learned that I can’t always prevent infection. I can be prepared and have useful tools and nutritional supplements on hand that may just make a difference. See a recent clinical trial on Vitamin D. (My Vitamin D levels were high before the onset of Covid. I take it daily.) This Covid-19 experience caused me to improve my diet and do further research. A hospital in Spain has had good results using. Ozone. It seems that there may be more than one way to gain relief from the symptoms of Coronavirus and other health issues. Always evaluate the likely benefit against the likely risk of your decisions. In my case I evaluated the likely benefit of everything that I wanted to do against what would likely happen if I did nothing to kill this virus. For me it was a no brainer.

Take Responsibility – Enlist Help – Ask questions

The purpose of sharing my experience is NOT to claim cures or make suggestions. Each one of us needs to do our own personal research and take responsibility for our own decisions. Common sense should always prevail. Our medical professionals are doing their best to save lives. When your life is at risk, enlist their help. I have NO medical training. Over the years I have been able to pin down through trial and error what works for me. If it helps I share it with those who ask.

There are many Coronavirus survival stories on the internet at the moment. If you are feeling brave, read this Coronavirus Survival Story.

What does it mean to recover from the Coronavirus?

Do you think that you have had Coronavirus but didn’t get tested? You are not alone. It’s too late for me but it is possible now to get tested if you have symptoms.

I believe my immune system got rid of the Coronavirus within 24 hours (with a little extra help from gadgets and supplements). Decades of research, reading, forethought, quick thinking and prayer helped enormously.

Covid-19 Vaccines

It appears that Covid-19 vaccines don’t contain any live viruses. Do your own research, look at the contents of the vaccine too. If you are concerned about toxins, a strong immune system and powerful supplements can help your body eliminate toxins. (Liposomal Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Glutathione, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid etc.)

Lastly, if you have had Covid-19 and are now suffering from Long Covid, keep feeding your body with the nutrients that it needs. Get plenty of sleep and exercise within your limits to oxygenate your body. Use a Hulda Clark zapper, antioxidants and Frankincense oil to disable viruses. Eat healthily so that your body has the optimum chance of healing and do your best to remain positive. Hope can strengthen your resolve and recharge your energy while you wait for your immune system to aid your recovery.