What Causes Vitiligo?

What Causes Vitiligo? – 5

What causes Vitiligo? Discover recent research. Learn about common Vitiligo causes and try viable solutions. Plan your recovery here.

Some diseases begin with trauma. However, most diseases start with an overload of toxins in the body coupled with opportunistic pathogens. Next, inflammation sets in. Could this be what is going on with Vitiligo? Why not address each possible cause to see if your skin improves. In other words, if you’re frustrated because nothing has worked so far, it’s time to start removing possible triggers. Removing things isn’t expensive and could well save you money.

What is Vitiligo?

When you ask, “What is Vitiligo?” the usual reply is that pigment causing melanocytes in the skin become sick. However, when you asked your doctor about the cause, likely he would have told you that the medical profession doesn’t know for definite yet. (Maybe he doesn’t have a comprehensive understanding of the condition.) Therefore, as a result, the usual explanation is that the cause is loss of pigment in the skin. However, common sense will tell you that this is a symptom not a cause. Inevitably, further research becomes vital.

What can we do until doctors can point to what the root cause is in every case? Is there a single cause or more than one? Is the cause different in many cases? It makes sense to address known bad health causes.

What Causes Vitiligo?

10 Possible Causes of Vitiligo

Examine 10 possible causes of Vitiligo. It’s time to take control. Match the solutions to the causes. Eliminate what you need to. Detoxify your body. Supply your body with the right vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes it needs to trigger skin repair. Evaluate what you need to do to improve your chances of healing.

  1. Toxins, including chemicals, pesticides and metals (that our bodies are having trouble eliminating) invite pathogens. Pathogens such as parasites can live off our nutrients. 
  2. Poor elimination through kidneys, liver and bowel could cause toxins to become backed up.
  3. Sugar immediately gives your immune system extra work to do. Eliminate or at least lower sugar and carbohydrates.
  4. Physical or emotional trauma or stress can use up vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes very quickly (maybe sunburn started it or a family trauma).Vitamin C and B Complex can be used up almost immediately under extreme stress. Take these daily. Emotional baggage can interfere with the healing process too.
  5. A poor diet and protein or amino acid intake could cause Collagen deficiency. Vitamin C makes collagen. Digestive enzymes, Vitamin C, stomach acid and other essential nutrients are needed get rid of toxins and pathogens. Vitamin A speeds up the healing process.
  6. Hormone imbalances can arise with an overactive or underactive thyroid gland. Eating too many seeds or non organic dairy can cause hormone imbalances. At times, our bodies don’t have sufficient resources to get the job done. We used them up quickly.
  7. Untreated Allergies (for example to Lectins) may be a problem.
  8. Autoimmune diseases such as Vitiligo start as pathogens, like viruses dig in deeper. Next, inflammation causes our bodies to become too acidic because we are oxygen deprived and cells are blocked with toxins. Anemia or Adrenocortical insufficiency may be a problem. Long term stress can cause adrenal fatigue.
  9. Inflammation sets in as pathogens gravitate to the weakened areas in our body and can become out of control. (Effective Digestive enzymes can reverse this issue.)
  10. We may not be drinking enough water, exercising enough or getting sufficient quality sleep. Exercise moves toxins out of lymph glands. The healing process kicks in when we sleep. A lot of toxins are released when we perspire. Exercise is beneficial for toxin removal as is long hot showers or baths with Epsom salts added.

What is Known about Vitiligo?

Researchers are slowly discovering possible causes. If you search the pub med website, you will see an array of studies that have been done to try and understand what is actually going on in the skin. When answers are illusive it could well be a combination of causes not just one. So far, this is what the medical profession are suspecting to be possible causes..

  • It may have started with a virus or other infection
  • Possibly severe stress, skin damage or trauma initiated the problem
  • Exposure to Chemicals may have started it
  • Pre-existing autoimmune diseases may cause it
  • It may be an allergy (perhaps to Lectins)
  • Following antibiotics good gut bacteria may have disappeared.
  • A Vitamin D deficiency may have started Vitiligo

In the absence of a definitive answer from the medical profession, a good place to start is to remove possible causes.

Vitiligo – Causes and treatment options

Fix Skin 5 – Vitiligo
Likely CausesExamine Your Options
Pathogens such as Treponema carateum, spirochetes or borrelia
Physical or Emotional Stress or trauma
Deficiencies like Vitamin D or A
Low Immunity
Sunburn or skin damage
Blocked Kidneys
Insufficient Adrenal gland hormones
Avoid Chemicals, pesticides and metals on the skin and in your food
Healthy Diet (increased nutrition)
Take Supplements known to nourish and heal skin and remove chemicals and metals:
Glutathione for metals, Vitamin B2 for chemicals, (Vitamin D3, Liposomal Vitamin C, GABA (to improve brain healing transmission signals), Vitamin A, Zinc,  Probiotics, Gingko, Collagen,
Digestive Enzymes (Natural anti inflammatory)
Fulvic Acid
Try a Lectin Free Diet
Use Frankincense oil to help remove viruses
B Complex, for stress
Oxygenate your skin. Ozonate bath water to detoxify chemicals and pathogens in the skin.
Hot showers open pores and release toxins
Use distilled water to help flush your kidneys.
Use only extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil on your skin.
Photo Therapy Works
Light therapy to kill skin infections (Study)
Light Therapy (Used in US clinic)
Miramate Flash  (At home)
Kill Infections with a Zapper or Frequency Generator
Melagenina Plus Lotion

Vitiligo Summary

This Vitiligo summary is an overview of viable options for making a difference to Vitiligo. The wide ranging options above are to assist in resolving likely causes. Getting to the root cause of what has gone wrong could well be the key to resolving Vitiligo. At the very least, it’s a starting point.

Light therapy seems to be working, but is not yet available in most hospitals. So what to do. In brief:

Remove and avoid chemicals. Kill pathogens. De-stress and improve diet and nutrient absorption. Eat more green vegetables and fresh herbs such as coriander and parsley to help bind the toxins that need removing. Chlorella can help with binding toxins too. Eliminate junk food and sugar. Take probiotics in the form of bio yogurt, Kefir or sauerkraut juice. Rectify hormone and thyroid problems and raise your immune system with extra Vitamin C. All of this is achievable.

Look for clues in your Blood Test Results

There may be clues in your last blood test results as to what went wrong. So, attempt to work at normalising abnormal results. If your liver or kidneys are under functioning, extra Digestive enzymes may help clear blockages. N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine and Glutathione can help improve liver function. Detoxify your organs: colon, liver, kidneys (Hulda Clark KC) and drinking more water could be helpful.

Understand How to Create Healthy Cells

By understanding the composition of the body and what is needed to keep it balanced inside and out, motivation is boosted. Learn how to create healthy cells that are nourished, have energy, are oxygenated and can remove toxins.

Fulvic Acid has a particle size small enough to enter cells, nourish them and remove toxins. It is a good way to absorb minerals and trace elements. Eat sufficient protein. Protein aids healing. Eat a healthy, preferably organic diet.

Supplements Aid Healing

Let Digestive enzymes, Liposomal Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, B complex and Probiotics work for you. Vitamin A can speed up the healing process too. If you improve your gut and liver health, you will improve the absorption of nutrients. The supplements you take will be able to make a difference.

Vitamin D needs to be activated by the kidneys. This doesn’t happen if your kidneys are blocked. Glutathione is naturally made by your liver and helps detoxify foreign substances. We can become deficient in it. Vitamin B2 before meals was mentioned by Dr Hulda Clark in her book ‘The Cure for all Diseases’ as being helpful for removing benzene and protecting from UV damage.

Where did your Vitiligo start?

  1. Did you use a skin cream that may have started it? Reaction to chemicals possibly? (Avoid Chemicals in food and body products. Remove them with Vitamin B2 taken before meals. Take Glutathione to help your liver detoxify chemicals and Liposomal Vitamin C to raise your immune system.)
  2. Could you have had Skin damage in the place that Vitiligo started? It may have been an inflammatory response that never stopped. (Take Digestive enzymes to calm the inflammation along with Liposomal Vitamin C to promote healing.)
  3. Was it an Infection that started it? Kill pathogens electronically with a zapper or frequency generator. Try ozonated water on your skin. (It detoxifies chemicals and kills pathogens) or ozonated olive oil and/or Frankincense oil to kill viruses). If you take ozonated water or ozonated olive oil internally follow it several hours later with Vitamin E as it deplete these stores in the body.

Which supplements can help Vitiligo?

Your skin needs Vitamins A,C,D,E, Zinc and Selenium as well as Protein and Collagen to promote healing. (A and D are in Fish Oils.) Selenium is high in Brazil nuts and Fresh Coconut. Nuts have minerals. Vitamin C makes collagen. Collagen capsules contain amino acids. Whilst, it’s possible to obtain vitamins and minerals from foods, when your body has a lot of healing to do supplements become necessary.

Include more green leafy vegetables in your diet. The chlorophyl in them can help bind toxins to remove them from your body.

You may need to take action on all of the above to raise your chance of success.

Is there a Cure for Vitiligo?

As at February 2020, it looks like the answer could be yes. See how light therapy is reversing Vitiligo in a clinic in the United States. Therefore, the Miramate Flash, light therapy for home use may be of benefit to help promote skin health. It can resolve pathogens on or just beneath the skin. A clinic in Cuba claims to have a lotion that cures Vitiligo. It incorporates an extract from placenta that is applied to the skin.

As vitamin D deficiency can trigger Vitiligo and light is curing it, could the root cause be a deficiency of Vitamin D? Or is the light killing pathogens on the skin? Is total recovery with light permanent? Since light therapy started to be used for Vitiligo, insufficient time has passed to ensure that this cure is permanent. It will likely depend upon whether the cause has been rectified. Additionally, many people who start to make diet changes stop when they see improvement. It takes determination to avoid unhealthy foods.

Unanswered questions

Lastly, how and why does this reversal work? Why are some areas of the skin harder to reverse than others? Could there be an infection there? There are still questions to be answered. Although, hope is growing.

In conclusion, if you have Vitiligo and something on this page works for you, the answer could be in YOUR hands. Please share your new found knowledge and understanding with fellow sufferers.